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Installing kubernetes on bare metal, the easy way

From nothing all the way up to an application running in your cluster with SSL and all

It’s easy to get lost in the sheer complexity that’s involved in creating a kubernetes cluster from scratch. This post is what I would have like to read while making my own cluster on bare metal with a configuration that’s working fine for my production needs. We will be working on:
 - creating a kubernetes cluster from scratch
 - deploy an application that will be accessible from the internet with SSL and all. So let’s get started: Step 1: Provision the servers & dependencies: To run a kubernetes cluster, you need some machines and an SSH connection to each of them. For the sake of this post, I’m using the quite awesome hertzner cloud where I’ve created 3 servers. For easier reference, I’ve named those machines after the awesome rick & morty serie: echo "ip_of_master rick.node" >> /etc/hosts echo "ip_of_woker1 morty.node" >> /etc/hosts echo "ip_of_woker2 summer.node" >> /etc/hosts We want...