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Release of Integrapptor v1.0.0

A desktop app to integrate all your web apps together

A log infra with Couchdb

We’ll cover the implementation, query and reporting aspect

Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 5

Deep dive into emacs: let’s unleash the power

Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 4

Look at a few interesting features that comes by default

Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 3

Emacs builtin features

Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 2

Getting started with org mode

Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 1

Getting started with emacs: the basics

Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 0

The learning path

Linux Tooling You Should Really Know About

4 great cli tools you should know about: tmux, tig, htop, emacs

A guide to compile your stuff

Because not everyone know how to do it

An Opinionated Skeleton For Starting A Website

A HTML/CSS skeleton to quickly get started with your project

Concurrency In Clojure

Getting started with Core.Async, Var, Atom, Agents & Refs

Free Ssl Certificate

Install once and don’t ever think about updating your ssl certificate. A step by step guide

Gitlab Omnibus Maintenance Process

Maintenance process for gitlab/mattermost

Manipulate Geo Spatial Data

Quick dive in geospatial data and the technologiies around

Mongo Cheat Sheet

Basic cheat sheet for mongo

Location Using The Ip

How to get a guess on where your visitor come from using his IP address

Walkthrough Dbpedia And Triplestore

walk through the semantic web using a snorkel Snorql and Triplestore technologies

A Better Model With Falcor

The idea behing an async model

Linux Cheat Sheet

A list of usefull commands


Ressources to prepare for the exam

Angular2 Coming From Angular1

This post will simply give some lessons I learned along the way by working with Angular2.

Rxjs Snippets

Introducing subscribe, from, of, flatMap, map, filter, mergeAll in a few short example

Install Mattermost On Ubuntu

Step by step guide to install an open source alternative to Slack

Guides To Xyz

Build webpack: guide, doc

End To End Testing Setup On A Server

Let’s setup a proper environment allowing testing against real browser in a real server without graphical interface

Docker Cheat Sheet

Manage the lifecycle or your containers and images using docker

Default Location

Let’s make things easier to find on ubuntu

Ssh Tricks

generate keys, create and configure a tunnel

Password Management

An application to store your password securely using Keepass

Lets Encrypt A Free Ssl Certificate That Can Renew Automatically

This post was not upto date and a new version was made available here

First Things First On A Linux Box

Up and running in a sec

Database Cheat Sheet

Mysql, Postgres reminder