generate keys, create and configure a tunnel

Login without password

From you local machine:

# variables
# script
ssh-keygen -t rsa

The ssh-copy-id does nothing more than: scp ~/.ssh/ $REMOTE_USERNAME@$REMOTE_HOST:~/ssh/authorized_keys

How to watch the American version of Netflix (a kinda VPN)?

STEP1: Establish a SSH tunnel

On linux

ssh -L 7071:localhost:80 $USERNAME@$HOST


With Putty, setup your hostname, then go to: Connection => SSH => Tunnels

Source port: 1234
Click on Dynamic

STEP2: Add the new proxy setting</h2>

From the browser: Settings => Advanced => Change proxy settings On window, it can be found here:

Internet Properties => Connections => LAN Settings
check use a proxy server for your LAN => advanced => Socks: port 1234
Then click the add button