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The Best Online Web Client For Ftp And S3

Showcasing a few web clients I just shipped to be use with FTP and AWS S3

Some protocols and platforms need no introduction, take FTP and S3. For many years, non IT professional have been using GUIs and CLIs that was design to offer the full flexibility of the protocols/platform they’re interconnecting with which is resulting in non IT professional believing that FTP is just too complicated to be used by normal people. Even Dropbox says it:
File transfers shouldn’t be so hard Let’s face it, Filezila FTP shows message that requires to read the entire FTP RFC to decypher it. This is great for advanced user, not so much for everyone else. This is the root of the lack of mainstream appeal for all those great protocols and platforms that have been there sometimes a decade ago, they’re all marketed for techies and there’s no tool that would let my mother use FTP in the same way she uses Dropbox and that’s a problem. Though,...