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How To Send Messages To An Irc Channel Using Php

IRC is still cool, so let’s build a bot

Sending message over IRC using PHP: Today, we will tackle the problem of creating a chat bot capable of sending messages to an IRC channel using PHP. Despite what I was initially thinking, working with IRC is actually easy, simple and fun as everything you do from an IRC client can easily be done by typing obscure command in a telnet session. As such, using a library for such a simple task is both overkill and cumbersome. The reason I’ve undertook this mini project was 2 fold:
 - Feed my IRC chanels with interesting events I want to subscribe to using Zapier. Because Zapier doesn’t integrate with IRC, using a third party script is the perfect workaround, cheap and 100% functional.
 - Leverage webhook coming from different platforms, see the hooks for a project I manage: I’ve gone with PHP for this mini project as I wanted minimal maintenance and...