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Getting started with self hosting - episode 4

Setup an application on your server

Achieve segregation between apps:
why would you want to separate all the apps from each other? It’s mainly to solve 2 problems:
 - The security problem. If an attacker breaks into your server because one app has a security issue, he gains access to everything.
 - The version problem. An example would be with 2 apps that need 2 different version of nodeJS. yes you can fix this specific issue for nodeJS by introducing more tooling you will forget next week but you will probably also encounter the same issue for PHP, python, Ruby, …. At the end of the day, you will end up spending more time hitting your head on the wall trying to fix those problems while you probably have better things to do. To make all your apps independent from each other, there’s a wide range of techs available to you but you can group them...

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Getting started with self hosting - episode 3

Setting up our server correctly