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Getting started with self hosting - episode 2

Creating our own cloud, look at the infrastructure

Without a server, you won’t do much. At the end of this post, you should have your infrastructure ready to rock
It might sounds obvious but to self host your own set of applications, you need a server. That’s probably the first choice you’ll have to make throughout your journey:
where do you host the server(s)?
You have to choose between two options:
- Host it at home: the only advantage is you have a direct access to your machine. A few things about this:

- real servers make real noises. Even if you think it’s cool because it feels pro, you don’t want this at home if you’re not living alone on an island, it can be very noisy. My advice is to keep it cheap and simple by using whichever hardware you already have, you’ll know when you need more, until then, relax and don’t invest much.

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Getting started with selfhosting - episode 1

Beginning of our journey to self host applications on your own cloud