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A log infra with Couchdb

We’ll cover the implementation, query and reporting aspect

Introduction: I have logs but until recently I wasn’t really looking at them simply because:
 - they’re all spread on different machines. Yes there’s syslog servers but I never really liked it
 - I found it too time consuming to generate insight from them This post will focus on what have change as we’ll build a log infrastructure that actually fit those needs:
 - centralized
 - can be use by any application
 - easy to use
 - easy to get insight from
 - can create reports Backend: To fit various needs, I wanted the system to be versatile and not tight to any application at all. A sort of general log system that can be used by any application. In this respect, I went with nosql as I didn’t want to tight the log schema to anything specific and the choice went to couchdb, a nosql database that have a...