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Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 5

Deep dive into emacs: let’s unleash the power

As a formality, we assume you’re already productive using emacs (how else would you land here if you weren’t?). If it’s not the case, go back to the episode 0 of this tutorial series. Mastering emacs isn’t a task, it’s journey. By the end of this post you should get a feel of emacs real power as a hackable interactive environment for programming and be able to hack your way into it. To start on your journey, you first need to get some understanding on the philosohpy of emacs and learn how to learn emacs. Seems obvious but it’s wasn’t easy for me to know how to do stuff on emacs without constantly googling stuff. Apis:
Surface Limitation: Whenever we want to interact with a system, we usually do so by using some apis. If you build those apis, it boils down to create the code that will allow third...