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Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 4

Look at a few interesting features that comes by default

Introduction: Emacs has a great ecosystem of plugins. Whether you’re doing web stuff, python or put the language you want here, you need tools and that’s when emacs plugins becomes handy. Autocompletion, jump to defintion and other fancy features are some of the features you can expect for most of the programming languages using the plugin ecosystem. This post will be about tailoring emacs to make it behave more like an IDE tailored for your programming needs and install things that will make emacs even better How do we install plugins: There’s 2 way to install things on emacs:
 - rely on emacs package manager
 - install things manually Emacs package manager: That’s the generally accepted way to do it. To start installing packages with the package manager: M-x package-refresh-contents M-x package-install => then tab to see all the available packages and select the one you want Tips: If you’re...