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Linux Tooling You Should Really Know About

4 great cli tools you should know about: tmux, tig, htop, emacs

Taking time to master the command line is a great investment as the linux ecosystem is absolutly amazing in this regard. In this serie of post we’ll look at a few of those tools that aren’t ship by default on everyone’s machine but in my opinion should.
 - tmux: the terminal multiplexer
 - tig: a git client similar to sourcetree but cli based
 - htop: a process manager
 - emacs: a text editor So let’s get started! Tmux: I still can’t believe I blindly ignored tmux until 2 years ago when I decided to put a few minutes aside and look into it. This tool as literally change how I interact with a shell on a daily basis. As most of the time in the linux world, the community hasn’t done a great job in marketing and it’s likely you will run away if you’re not already familiar with any...