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Manipulate Geo Spatial Data

Quick dive in geospatial data and the technologiies around

In the open source, I looked at 3 differents technologies:
 - mysql
 - postgresql
 - mongodb I spent nearly a day looking at those things and mongodb was just working fine with easy to understand default that makes data manipulation simple. NoSql world: Documentation for mongo is self explanatory, easy to setup and use. It might not have all the bell and whistle of the existing solution in the relational world but it benefits in ease of use and get a better developer experience than their counterparts. Relational world: Mysql and postgres both support spatial extension (postgis). However it tends to be trickier than mongo as despite being powerful postgis gives you the power to do whatever you want and with great power comes large responsibilities. So far, the most comprehensive documentation to get started I have seen is that one Once you get started, it was simpler to use...

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Mongo Cheat Sheet

Basic cheat sheet for mongo