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A Better Model With Falcor

The idea behing an async model

There is a few new cool stuff in the js world everyday, relay and falcor are one of them. The problem this libraries are solving is making your app feeling faster with a smarter network/cache strategy. When we deal with RESTFUL apis, it’s very common to do HTTP call to an endpoint to generate a page and until this response resolve, you might display a loading indicator. This approach feels very sub optimal as you might already have a partial view of the data that you could reuse to at least display something and makes a better experience by only loading the required amount of data in one HTTP request. Would be great isn’t it? Well welcome to 21st century 2016 and let’s introduce Falcor and Relay. Both libraries try to optimize the data that come in the wire and try to solve the latency issue. Because one of this...