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Angular2 Coming From Angular1

This post will simply give some lessons I learned along the way by working with Angular2.

Initial Motivation for a front end framework: To me the major reason for choosing a frontend framework is to improve the User experience and solves several flaws:
 - Waiting for every page to load is distracting and frustrating for the user, front end framework let you keep the control.
 - Browsers are quite a bit more powerfull than PDF Viewers and JS engine are fast enough to process things we use to do on the backend and build great experience
 - Sending data over the wire is much lighter than generating and sending a whole HTML page Because nothing is free there is also drawbacks using those techs:
 - new technologies that didn’t exist a few years back
 - browser dinosaurs are generally not supported
 - initial rendering time
 - SEO Choice of framework: Reinventing the wheel isn’t something that ever went on my minds. There is already many front...