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Getting started with self hosting - episode 3

Setting up our server correctly

When I first got my hands on an actual server, I thought nobody would even try to attack it as I had nothing of interest for anybody else than me. I was immensely wrong and if you feel the same, you need to understand Internet is a place where nasty bots constantly try to attack servers in order to own them. If you don’t properly secure your machine, it’s a matter of minutes before you’ll get hacked, and your server will either or both:
 - be use to spam other people
 - participate in large attack that will read on the news as: “the xxx company was hacked by xxx” First things first: On your newly created machine, you will need to do a few things, namely:
Upgrade everything that came pre-install in your server: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade
If you’re using the root user directly...