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Emacs Tutorial Series - episode 1

Getting started with emacs: the basics

If you haven’t read episode 0 yet, it introduces you to emacs and gives you the general plan and objectives for this entire learning path. By the end of this episode, you should know how to use emacs for getting things done and doing productive work without getting frustrated. Installation: Installing emacs is simple.
 - Linux based operating system: apt-get install emacs # => replace apt-get by whichever package manager you're using
 - OSX/Window: go here and follow the instruction. Tips: OSX: Even if emacs is preinstall, go get a recent version instead, that will make your life much better. As the Apple god decided you shouldn’t replace anything under /usr/bin, the best solution I came with is to create an alias in your bash_profile Configure things before getting started: The default experience isn’t as great as with the other text editors. To fix this, open up a terminal and...