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A guide to compile your stuff

Because not everyone know how to do it

The linux package manager fit the needs 99% of the time but for some specific use case you might have to compile stuff by yourself. I heard terrible wrong things about compiling something by yourself like it is risky and will result in unproven version of your software. Well guess how those package you install on your distrubtion comes from? Yes somebody did the work already and unless you update the code by yourself, you won’t use any ‘unproven version’ of your software but the real official one everyone else is using. I wrote this guide as I needed it to refer some colleagues so here it is. In this post we’ll compile the phpinterpreter version 5.5.38 from source code to be use with apache. What actually matter here is the method as it is the same for any other software. Requirements:: Before getting started, you need a few things:...